300 word Story- The Blue monologue

Raindrops were hitting the misted window of the coffee shop. Her friend Audrey was frantically talking. She wasn’t listening.

“Is he going to do it again?” she asked herself, feeling his soft skin under her palm. “Oh god, please don’t let it be like the last time!”

She reassured herself: “It is going to be okay. Things are getting better. It will NOT be like the last time.”

“Are you sure?” surfaced her fear, the old snake swimming in her gut, reaching out to her effortlessly. “You never know when it’s coming. Last week you thought it was alright, but he made you look like a fool in front of everyone...”

“Stop it. He is okay today. He’s his normal self. “

“Don’t be silly. What is his “normal self”? He is unpredictable. You know how demanding he can be.”

“You’re right. All my friends know how to handle theirs. They look so confident. All I do is try to guess what he needs, hoping that he’ll stay calm. I am such a failure.”

He was good today, she could tell he was enjoying himself. He made a gurgling sound and smiled. The smile hit her like a ray of light bursting from a prism. She felt ashamed. How could she be scared from her own baby?

“You didn’t drink your tea.” said Audrey.

She wanted to tell her about the trips that ended up in high pitch screams. The terror when he didn’t stop, refused to feed. How she drove home in panic, nearly hitting a cyclist, while he still screamed in the backseat.
She wasn’t going to tell. She knew it was going to be fine. It had to be.
He was only 3 months old.

Dipnot: Creative Writing Assigment'larimi buraya yollamaya karar verdim. 300 kelimenin altinda diyaloglu hikaye yazmakti bu haftaki odev. Happy Reading.

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