Vacation! At last!!!!!

Finally We have decided the vacation date and place. now it's time to arrange hotel .. We are going to Fethiye on 1st of August.
I am really happy and cant help smiling.. i never dreamed of holiday but when my sis and mom begged me to escape to seaside for a few days i couldnt resist.
Now its time for all preparations!!
And i also want to say: Hoooraaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!!

I now just wish that my exam on 26th of july would be good, and afterwards this holiday would be very fun, even crazy because my mom is the kind that you can have fun with. i love her. she really needs this holiday because she is exhausted of her studies. Mehmet is not coming with us, he has a deadline for a project which is very important and crucial for him to get a promotion.
That's fine by me! We'll go on another day so that means twice holiday !

Change in the plans!!! Me, mom, mehmet, nez altogether..we are going to side. I'll be away for some weeks folks. cheers! ( i presume that someone is reading.)

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