Must upgrade mylife to premium

A miserable monday again. Why on the earth i am waking up early and coming to work? why do i attend a boring meeting instead of sleeping in my soft bed? i think i need to cheer up a bit..[this is my blog's purpose,actually-which has never been fulfilled]

i want (need) to upgrade my life. i must be a housewife with a rich husband! (mehmet hear my beggings)

Daydreaming ended.
Lets return to the facts..

i will change my blog's skin again.. i am preparing the new looks on another layout and i hope you will like the new appearance when i finish manipulating and adapting it.

Now, i must let myself to be pursued and engaged by responsibilities. i have to prepare an analysis report for wednesday :(

Does anybody remember how this feelings were expressed in Lucky Luke cartoons ??
something like that: #½#{$@%!!

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