master, ielts, work and all other things that make my life miserable

hi all

i have no time to prepare for ielts exam, i am working full day, have to cook and make housekeeping...
also i am still unable to learn if i failed or passed my last exam. if i fail, i'll be exiled from school. there is only 2 chance to take a lesson in master programme. i failed last year, if i fail this year too, i dont want to think the consequences.
and i fear from ielts so much. my inner circle knows how stressed i am, especially in exams and interviews. and ielts is a process containing both of these

we still couldnt sell the car too. Everything goes terribly wrong! i feel my hair is whitening, i'm in stress, i am depressed. God help me :(

maybe a should make a blog for my ielts preperation and write my essays as posts. yes this is a good idea.

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