An english post..Again

My ielts preparation is a painful process. i read somewhere that i have to force myself to explain and describe things in english. the best way to do this is blogging, i am sorry for this disturbingly stupid entries.
Let me tell something. let me think. ok. i found something to tell. mehmet sent me money using eft and i am still waiting for it. i am going to purchase pounds with it..the pound/ytl currency today is approximately 2425 . i wish we had the money last week because the pound was about 2390-2400.

Today i also learned that one of my friends sis is fighting with cancer and that is really sad news. i wish her luck and may Allah bless her and make her well..

Maybe i should tell What i am going to do tonight.. tonight will be a dvd night and we will watch horror movies. I really love horror movies. especially japanese adaptations are very succesfull, i think. I Also liked a spanish movie called the orphanage.

Blah blah blah. i am trying to concentrate and write some long sentences in english but i think i wont be able to succeed.. what am i going to do? i hate exams! i am 27 and i still take exams , now thats something intolerable isnt it!
life is not fair. (and i am not calimero)

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